Gledhill Water Storage & Building Products from Corgas

CORGAS has maintained Gledhill appliances for numerous clients on almost a weekly basis over a period of six years, has sub-contracted to Gledhill water storage and Gledhill building products as an out of warranty maintenance/repair and installation engineer and carries a range of spares from which we hope to repair your appliance, restoring hot water and heating to your property with greater speed, greater efficiency and indeed greater economy…

To many, some engineers included, fault diagnosis and repair of your Gledhill product may seem complex.
Whilst they are not a “common” type of installation, we have an intimate knowledge of their principles of operation, meaning fault diagnosis and if possible repair sometimes within the hour.

We maintain Gledhill;

  • PulsaCoil (Types I, II, III, 2000, A-class, BP)
  • SysteMate (Types I, II, III, 2000)
  • BoilerMate (Types I, II, III, 2000, A-class, BP)
  • ElectraMate (Types 2000, A-class)
  • GulfStream (Types 2000, A-class)
  • Accolade
  • Torrent
  • Stainless Lite

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